Greek ambassador to Tehran

Greece eyes boosting economic ties with Iran

Greek ambassador to Tehran says his country is ready to boost cooperation with Iran in tourism, nanotechnology and hi-tech industries.

26 June 2018
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In a meeting with president of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Greece ambassador to Tehran emphasized on the importance of exchanging economic delegations from both countries in order to develop level of mutual cooperation in the tourism, nanotechnology and hi-tech industries.

Dimitri Alexandrakis talked about the economic and social similarities between the two countries adding that Greece government considers Iran as a member of international community without constraint. Our government eyes further increasing cooperation between the two nations, he said.

Meanwhile he criticized the small amount of bilateral trade between Iran and Greece and said: Despite the hurdles facing Iran’s economy, Greece asserts on enhancing cooperation with Iran.

Alexandrakis mentioned the strength of Greek shipping industry and added that the country’s ports and terminals are ready to help develop Iran exports to Europe.

Greece doesn’t support the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and doesn’t side with the country, he said.

ICCIMA President Gholam Hossein Shafeie also mentioned the role of the private sectors from both countries in bolstering ties between the two nations and announced the formal invitation from Iran Chamber of Commerce to the head of Greece Chamber of Commerce for visiting Iran.

The ICCIMA has launched Iran- Greece Joint Chamber of Commerce to help increasing the level of cooperation, Shafeie said. We also call for establishment of Greece-Iran Joint Chamber of Commerce in Athens so that the development of our bilateral ties gets a boost.

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