Iraqi government urges Iranian private firms to rebuild country

Iran is a top exporter of goods to Iraq and is eager to increase its investment in reconstructing its Arab neighbour. A government official says doors are open for Iranian companies.

15 January 2019
ID : 1771
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An Iraqi official has called on Iranian private firms to take up big share of reconstructing the Arab country as Baghdad steps up efforts to attract foreign investment.

“Here in Iraq we have defined various projects that need to be realised and I invite Iranian companies to carry them out,” said Jaber Abd Khaji, technical deputy of the Iraqi Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities on Monday. He was meeting with Mohammad Reza Karbasi, deputy Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agricutlure (ICCIMA) in international affairs in Baghdad.

“My office is always open to Iranian firms,” stressed the deputy Iraqi housing minister who assured that Baghdad is also willing to resolve all the outstanding problems in the way of Iraq trade. Khaji said all the trade agreements signed between Iraq and Iran date back to 2014 and he urged the Iranian businessmen to be more active in reconstructing the war-torn nation.

For his part, Karbasi also emphasised that Iran private sector is prepared to actively engage in Iraq’s reconstruction in addition to exporting construction material.

“The private sector doesn’t only think about exporting its goods to Iraq, it pays special attention to investment and carrying out infrastructure projects,” he added.

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