Iran sells 1,085,000 barrels of oil on IRENEX since last November

Light and heavy crude have been the only oil Iran has been able to sell on the exchange market since last November.

9 June 2019
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Iran has sold 1,085,000 barrels of crude oil on its Energy Exchange (IRENEX) since such sales started seven months ago. accordong to Iran Energy News. 

The country managed to sell 1,015,000 light crude during 10 offers on IRENEX since early last November when the US reimposed secondary economic sanctions on Iran.

In total, 10,700,000 barrels of light crude were offered for sales through the exchange market. 

Also, only 70,000 barrels of heavy crude were purchased by anonymous clients. 3 million barrels o f heavy crude was put of sale as of early April.

Iran refuses to publish the buyers in a bid to avoid further sanctions.

Non of the natural five million barrels of gas condensates have been bought on IRENEX since they were offered since last February. 

The Petroleum Ministry has been obliged by the parliament to offer light and heavy crude as well as gas condensates on IRENEX in a bid to bypass US sanctions.

2 million barrels of oil will go on sale on IRENEX on Tuesday.


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