Iranian private firm starts supplying coronavirus test kits

An Iranian private pharmaceutical company has started supplying coronavirus test kits that provide results in 2 hours.

25 March 2020
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An Iranian private pharmaceutical company has started supplying coronavirus test kits amid a reported shortage for the much-needed diagnostics for a pathogen that has set off a global pandemic.

Vahid Yunessi, the business manager at Pishtaz Teb, said that the firm had distributed 10,000 coronavirus test kits to a total of 100 labs across Iran earlier in the day. 

Yunessi said that supply to the labs began after his company obtained certificates for the kits from the Iranian Health Ministry. 

The newly produced kits provide results in 2 hours, according to the manager.

He said his company was capable of producing 80,000 coronavirus test kits per week to help authorities meet a reported shortfall of diagnostic capabilities that could affect nationwide efforts to curb the spread of the outbreak.

Iran has confirmed nearly 25,000 cases of coronavirus since the infection was spotted in the country on February 19. 

Nearly 9,000 people have recovered and around 2,000 have died of the virus, according to the latest figures provided by the Health Ministry. 

Officials believe cases could surge in the coming weeks if more tests are carried out especially in remote areas where access to health care is low. 

However, more testing could also boost efforts to prevent more deaths, especially among the elderly and those suffering from underlying conditions. 

Several other biotechnology firms in Iran have developed testing kits for coronavirus amid restrictions on the imports of the diagnostic tools which has come as a result of the American sanctions.

The government has said it would exhaust all its resources to ensure there would be sufficient protective gear and vital equipment to respond to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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