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Club of sanctioned countries: potential bloc against US ‘economic terrorism’

Iran has been resisting the US sanctions following the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 40 years on, many other countries are also suffering and withstanding those punitive measures. Now, Tehran is proposing that all these US-sanctioned countries join a club to better coordinate their efforts against its "economic terrorism".



Cuba’s doors are open to Iranian private sector businessmen: Envoy

Cuban Ambassador to Iran Alexis Bandrich Vega says Iran has a great opportunity to strengthen trade ties with the Caribbean island nation because the country depends very much on foreign trade.


Iran-Cuba business forum at ICCIMA in pictures

Cuban Ambassador to Iran Alexis Bandrich Vega and Cuban Embassy’s First Secretary and Commercial Counselor Tania Causse presented business opportunities to Iranian businessmen and women in a bid to lure Iranian investment.

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Cuba opens doors to Iranian private sector

Iran and Cuba are both under the US sanctions since their respective revolutions in 1979 and 1959. Cuba has undergone political changes and is seeking to attract more foreign investment despite the US sanctions.


Iran-Cuba business forum to be held on 10 August at ICCIMA

Iran and Cuba have been both fighting against unilateralism and a polar world in which the US has the final say, since their anti-American revolutions. Now, they are eager to expand and develop their ties in the face of US unilateral sanctions.

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Slapped by US sanctions, Iran, Cuba to expand trade ties

Tehran and Havana enjoy warm political relations, however their trade ties are not on par with that. Now, the two countries are eyeing further trade exchanges at a time when the two are suffering from Washington’s unilateral punitive measures.