Iran seeking monetary pacts with regional countries: FM Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says his country is in talks with several regional countries to do business in national currencies.

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Russia, Netherlands eager to join Europe’s INSTEX

High-level Russian and Dutch officials have said that their countries are very keen on maintaining trade with Iran through the INSTEX mechanism.


Iran says it has come up with alternative ways to repatriate export revenues

Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says these alternative routes are not susceptible to US sanctions and pressures that have been applied by Washington as part of its so-called maximum pressure campaign.

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Spain says it’s ‘studying’ to join European INSTEX to do trade with Iran

Madrid says PM Sánchez is considering plans on how to join the E3 in the financial channel with Iran that has been created to allow humanitarian trade and other items in the future.


Iran urges European oil purchase, credit lines within INSTEX

Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says Europe should stop accusing Iran of not setting up INSTEX mirror company and start action by buying Iranian crude and giving credit line to European exporters for starting trade with Iran.

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CBI eyes more SPVs with ‘friendly neighbours’ to counter US sanctions

Iran’s main financial institution has devised a six-point contingency plan to resist possible consequences of the US move no to renew sanctions waivers for clients of Iranian energy.

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INSTEX Iranian counterparty ready for ‘coordinated’ trade exchange: CEO

Special Trade and Finance Instrument between Iran and Europe (STFI), called SATMA in Persian, was registered on 22 April in Tehran in a bid to further facilitate Iran-Europe trade in the wake of US sanctions.

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‘INSTEX ready for first trade exchange with Iran in shortest time possible’

The European payment channel president Per Fischer has talked about what could be done with the mechanism’s framework to speed up trade with Iran in the face of US sanctions.


Iran’s INSTEX mirror company registered in Tehran

The firm was registered in the Iranian capital last Monday on 22 April. 3 banks an a mobile payment infrastructure company are its main stakeholders.


Iran private sector urges Europe to implement INSTEX

Iran Chamber of Commerce, the umbrella group of all Iranian private sector, says the three European countries - Germany, France, UK - need to speed up the process of their special financial channel with Iran in the wake of US sanctions.

Iran Chamber