Companies leaving Iran, not in future trade priority: Deputy FM

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister has said that foreign companies complying with US sanctions against the country will "not be placed in priority" in regards to the future of the Iranian economy.


US renews Iraq sanctions waiver for Iranian gas, electricity imports

The United States has granted Iraq a 45-day sanctions waiver enabling the country to continue importing vital Iranian gas and electricity supplies.


Foreign reinsurers continue to work with Iran despite US sanctions

Iran’s central insurance body, known as Bimeh Markazi, says global reinsurance companies continue to share risks that could befall major Iranian businesses and industries despite sanctions imposed by the United States.

Macro Economy

EU foreign policy chief due in Tehran on Monday

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi announced on Sunday that the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell will visit Tehran on February 3 for the first time after taking office.

Macro Economy

No cap on size and volume of SHTA transactions for Iran: Swiss official

A senior trade official in Switzerland has said that there is no cap on the size and volume of SHTA transactions and that Switzerland had finalized the details of the mechanism with US authorities.


China urges US to ‘immediately halt’ sanctions on Chinese firms with Iran ties

China on Monday called for the US to “immediately halt” sanctions on Chinese companies for maintaining business ties with Iran amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran.


Iran’s metals industry already sanctioned, new sanctions irrelevant: Traders

Iranian traders say the new round of sanctions would not cause any substantial change in the country’s steel production because the whole metals industry have previously been sanctioned by the US.

Mine and Industry

Russia, Iran boost trade in national currencies

Commercial transactions in national currencies between Russia and Iran exceeded 50% in 2019, Moscow’s commercial representative in Tehran said.


US sanctions against Iran, lose-lose game: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Friday said that the US sanctions imposed on Iran benefit neither side and is tantamount to lose-lose game.


‘US sanctions against Iran have targeted ordinary people’

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations has severely censured the United States’ sanctions against ordinary people as well as different sectors of the Iranian economy, including oil and banking, arguing that the measures are negatively affecting the daily lives of millions of Iranians.