Iran urges more Saudi action on locust plague

Iranian authorities say Saudi Arabia should do more to help fight a locust plague that could threat crops and food security in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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Iran gov’t raises buying price for wheat to support farmers

Iran has lifted for a second time in a year the price at which it buys locally produced new-season wheat as the government plans to purchase nearly 70 percent of the crop produced inside the country.

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Iran over 80% self-sufficient in food production: Minister

Iran’s caretaker agriculture minister says self-sufficiency in food production is no longer a cherished dream for Iran as the country currently relies on home-grown products for more than 80 percent of its agrifood needs.

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Iran to impose duty on date exports during Ramadan

Exports of dates will be subject to customs duty from April 3 to May 20, Hamid Zadboum, the head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, announced in a letter to the National Association of Iranian Dates.


Iran to launch new satellite, aiming to study natural disasters, agriculture

Iran will launch an observation satellite into orbit by the end of this week in order to study earthquakes, natural disasters and develop agriculture.

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Iran’s agri-food exports nearly $2.8bn in 7 months

Iran’s export of agri-food products in the seven-month period ending on October 22, 2019 reached a total of 2.794 billion, says a government official.

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Iran Qanat-based saffron farming declared Globally Important Agricultural Heritage

Three unique agricultural production systems across Iran have been registered as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), an initiative by the FAO to preserve these sites around the world.

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Iran seeks to preserve water, increase agricultural production

With water resources shrinking day by day, Iran has been aiming to increase its domestic production while it keeps the same amount of water used to cultivate plants.

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