Iran’s annual agrifood exports hit $6.1 billion

Iran saw the value of its agrifood exports increase by 7.2% in the calendar year to March 20 despite trade restrictions imposed at borders to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

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Iran government buys over 8 million tons of wheat from local farmers

A total of 8.2 million tons of wheat worth 208.7 trillion rials ($834 million) were bought from local farmers as part of the government’s guaranteed purchase plan during the last Iranian year (March 2020-21).

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Agriculture remains main driver of growth in Iran

The agriculture sector remains the main driver of growth in Iran’s economy, the data released by the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) shows.

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Iran plants 30 million trees for timber in one year

Iran’s minister of agriculture Kazem Khavazi says the country’s tree plantation for timber drive has seen a massive boost in the current calendar year with some 30 million plantations recorded across the country.

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Iran to expand banana plantations to 7,000 hectares in Sistan-Baluchestan province

The Iranian government is planning to expand Sistan-Baluchestan’s banana plantations from current 5,000 hectares to 7,000 hectares in cooperation with the private sector. The Agriculture Ministry has estimated that a total of 150,000 tons of bananas will be produced in the province this year.

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Iran gov’t buys over 8m tons of wheat from local farmers

Iran’s government has bought 8.22 million tons of wheat worth 207.8 trillion rials ($755 million) from local farmers across the country in the current fiscal year (started March 20).

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Iran plans 320,000 hectares of tree plantation to meet timber demand

Iranian agriculture authorities say plans are in place for tree plantation in 320,000 hectares of lands to respond to a rising demand for timber which is currently being met through extensive imports.

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Small-scale farmers handle 86% of Iran’s agriculture

Around 86% of Iran’s agricultural activities are carried out by small-scale farmers and only a meager 14% are undertaken by large agricultural corporations that yield better harvests as well as higher economic profit.

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Iran’s export of summer fruits, vegetables over $241m in five months

Figures by Iran’s customs office (IRICA) shows the country earned over $241 million from exports of various summer-grown fruits and vegetables in five months to late August.

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Iran sets up special task force for saffron export

Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) has set up a special task force on the trade of saffron to help boost its export. Iran Chamber of Commerce is a member of the task force.