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Iran seventh biggest global exporter of textile flooring

The ranking does not take into account the export of machine-made carpets, otherwise Iran would be the world’s fifth biggest exporter of textile floorings


Iran’s private firms call for stronger export credit guarantees to counter US sanctions

In a letter to President Hassan Rouhani, private sector representatives have called on government to give more authority to the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran with regard to issuing export guarantees, according to the EGFI chief.


Iran using all resources to sell oil in grey market: Official

Tehran says the US sanctions won’t hinder its continued efforts to sale oil in unofficial ’grey market’. Iranian authorities and energy analysts believe Iran would be able to export as much as 600,000 bpd.


China, Iraq maintain top positions as Iran non-oil export markets in 11 months

Although bilateral trade between Iran and China have seen a sharp dip, the Asian power is still the first destination of Iranian non-oil exports which, according to latest reports, are petroleum-based products are petrochemicals.


Iran non-oil exports to regional countries show double-digit rise in 10 months

The increases are a clear sign that Iran is looking more to strengthen its economic relations with its neighbours, especially with those it shares borders, in the wake of intensified unilateral US sanctions.


Iran non-oil trade with Americas over $800m in 9 months

Brazil, the US, Canada and Uruguay are the four North and South American countries that have had major commercial dealings with Iran since 21 March, according to the latest data.


Private sector to bolster Iraq trade in 5-day visit

Dozens of Iranian businessmen will try to increase their investment in the neighbouring country by holding talks with Iraqi traders from all across the country. The visit comes after US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Iraq to help reduce Irans influence there.


Iran says oil money coming back from India, China, South Korea

Tehran has been able to establish financial channels with regional countries to pay its exports in their national currencies in a bid to unblock the flow of export money to the country.

Financial Markets

Iran exports to Iraq worth $11bn annually

Iran has been dominating the market in Iraq as the Baghdad moves forward to rebuild the Arab country. Commodities and energy top Iraqi annual imports.


Iran hits trade surplus of $738m

A latest report by Iran’s Customs Administration shows how a drop in imports helped increase the country’s trade surplus in a 9-month period (April-December).