Domestic Economy

PMI indicates significant improvement in Iran’s industries

Iranian industries are seeing significant improvement in their latest indices from purchasing manager surveys after steep declines earlier in the current fiscal year (started March 20).

Iran Chamber

Iran draws over $1.25bn from NDF to create jobs

Iranian government has drawn over $1.25 billion from the country’s sovereign wealth fund for the sole purpose of creating jobs as the government struggles to diversify the economy to cope with sanctions imposed by the United States.

Society Economy

Iran to soon open border market on North Khorasan-Turkmenistan border

The Iranian industry, mine and trade said a border market will soon be opened on Turkmenistan border in a bid to boost local economy.


Can Iran weather the Trump storm?

Following the reimposition of unilateral US sanctions on Iran and an end to sanctions waivers have led many analysts to believe that the Iranian economy will collapse soon. However, this expert argues that Tehran will weather this storm as it did under the Obama sanctions.

Macro Economy

Iran’s leader calls for budget, banking modifications to offset US sanctions

Budget’s dependence on crude sales as well as unnecessary rules and regulation are “the country’s chronic illnesses” that need to be treated.

Macro Economy

Iran Chamber of Commerce urges new ideas for economic development to overcome sanctions

The private sector’s parliament says the new Persian Year 1398 should see more fforts and new ideas to move the country faster towards economic development despite US punitive measures that have been trying to cripple Iran’s economy.

Macro Economy

Iranian leader, president call for boosting production, resistance against US sanctions

Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani both addressed the Iranian nation to mark the begining of the new Iranian year. Both top leaders have called on the citizens to stand together to raise production in a bid to circcumvent US sanctions.

Macro Economy

135 years of ‘Assembly of Merchants’ in Iran: top entrepreneurs receive Amin al-Zarb award

Iran private sector commemorated the 135th anniversary of establishment of the first union of Iranian traders, called Assembly of Merchants. At the ceremony, Amin al-Zarb award was given to the best Iranian businessmen and entrepreneurs that have contributed to the national economy.

Iran Chamber

Iran bans foreign product advertisement to bolster domestic economy

Faced by Washingtons punitive measures since Trump Administrations abandoning of the 2015 international nuclear deal, Iran is exploring avenues to enhace its own economy rather than rely on foreing imports.

Mine and Industry

Iran’s Golestan province exports hit $200m in 9 months

The province is located on the southern shores of the Caspean Sea and shares border with Turkmenistan, one of the main markets for the Iranian goods.