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Iraq, Iran, Syria to accelerate preparation for transnational railway

Iran seeks to connect its Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea through road and rail links that go through Iraq. The groundwork has been laid for the construction as Tehran has signed several agreements with Damascus and Baghdad.


Iran to open trade offices in Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria

The plan is part of Iran’s wider approach to promote ties with regional countries. Western neighbours are now the country’s economic priority following the US sanctions.


Iran, Iraq solidify ties, explore ways to reach $20bn trade

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi chaired a joint business forum between Iran and Iraq that was held at the ICCIMA HQ in Tehran on Sunday. He believes there is a huge potential to reach the set target of 20 billion dollars in their annual trade volume.


Iraqi PM Abdul-Mahdi to visit Iran Chamber of Commerce

It’s the premier’s first official visit to Iran since he took office late 2018. The Iraqi official is set to hold talks with high-level Iranian officials and take part in Iran-Iraq joint economic committee. He will also visit Iran Chamber of Commerce.


Iraq needs three years on Iran power: parliament speaker

As Iraq is negotiating a third santions waiver from the US to keep importing Iranian energy, the country’s Parliament speaker is trying to make the message across that Washington grant the exemption.


China, Iraq maintain top positions as Iran non-oil export markets in 11 months

Although bilateral trade between Iran and China have seen a sharp dip, the Asian power is still the first destination of Iranian non-oil exports which, according to latest reports, are petroleum-based products are petrochemicals.


Baghdad invites Iranian private sector to invest in infrastructure, industry

Head of the Iraqi government says there are good opportunities for Iranian private sector investors to develop infrastructure and industrial projects. The remark came on day one of Iranian president Rouhani visit to the neighbouring country.


Iraq pays out part of debts for energy imports: Central Bank of Iran

Baghdad’s imports of gas and electricity from Iran equal four billion dollars however it’s not been able to pay the price due to financial restrictions caused by renewed US sanctions.

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Iraq-Iran joint business forum

Iran business delegation headed by Gholam Hossein Shafei, President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), attended a joint business forum between Iraq and Iran that was held in Baghdad on 11 March 2019. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi were also present at the forum.

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Iran, Iraq agree to build Shalamche-Basra railway, offer free visas

The agreements come on day one of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s state visit to Iraq. The railroad is expected to boost mutual trade between the two neighbours.