Iran Venezuela

First tanker carrying Iranian fuel reaches Venezuela despite US warning

The vessel has arrived in Venezuelan waters to help alleviate fuel shortages in the former oil-exporting nation. Tehran had warned of "consequences" if the US stopped the ship.


Club of sanctioned countries: potential bloc against US ‘economic terrorism’

Iran has been resisting the US sanctions following the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 40 years on, many other countries are also suffering and withstanding those punitive measures. Now, Tehran is proposing that all these US-sanctioned countries join a club to better coordinate their efforts against its "economic terrorism".


Venezuela seeks to boost maritime and port cooperation with Iran

Venezuela wants to use Iran’s commercial shipping and maritime capabilities to develop its own ports.


Tehran welcomes economic ties with Caracas

Irans President Hassan Rouhani met with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro on Friday night and stressed Tehrans readiness for further cooperation with Caracas.


Iran, Venezuela sign 6 cooperation deals

Venezuela and Iran agree to increase economic cooperation, signing agreements between the two countries’ central banks and announcing a new dynamic era in bilateral relations.