New contractor to finish railway linking Iran’s Shalamcheh to Iraq’s Basra

The Iranian government has picked up a new contractor for construction of a key railway extension into the Iraqi territory with sources saying that the bidder would provide full finances worth 100 million euros for the project.


Iran-Afghanistan rail link to be launched in months

Khaf-Herat railroad project is scheduled to be launched this autumn (Sept. 22-Dec. 20), says the deputy head of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructure Company, affiliated with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.


Iraq to ’soon’ begin work on railway link to Iran

A senior Iraqi official says that work for a key rail link connecting the country to the neighboring Iran will begin in the very near future.


Iran’s rail network to reach 28,000 km in 5 years: Minister

Iran’s transportation minister says the length of the country’s railway network will double in the next five years to reach 28,000 kilometers as the country keeps making efforts to encourage increased rail freight services.


Iran to lay 1,200 km of new rail track in 15 months

Iran is pushing to boost infrastructure spending with a plan to launch 1,200 kilometers of new railway lines, according to the country’s transportation minister.


Iran launches Tabriz-Jolfa free tourist train

Iran has launched a free tourists train between the northwestern cities of Tabriz and Jolfa. The five-railcar train with the capacity of 400 passengers will carry tourists in both directions on a daily schedule.

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Iran to expand rail network by 1,500km in two years

Iran will further expand its railway network by 1,500 kilometers in the next two years. The new projects would increase the length of Iran’s railway network to over 16,000 kilometers, on par with countries like Kazakhstan and Spain and high in the list of 20 countries in the world in terms of the length of the railways.


Iran to connect its railway to Afghanistan border in March 2020

A senior Iranian official says a major railway connecting Iran and neighboring Afghanistan will be ready in March 2020 as construction of a key cross-border line is nearing completion.


Iran to boost transit capacity via International North-South Transport Corridor

Iran is planning to boost transit of goods through strengthening coordination between its flagship cargo shipping line and its state-owned railway system.


Iraq, Iran, Syria to accelerate preparation for transnational railway

Iran seeks to connect its Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea through road and rail links that go through Iraq. The groundwork has been laid for the construction as Tehran has signed several agreements with Damascus and Baghdad.