Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Iran limits cash withdrawals from banks to prevent money laundering, inflation

The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has imposed a cap on withdrawal of cash from banks amid toughening of rules on money laundering and also efforts to contain inflation.

Macro Economy

Iran customs starts implementing anti-money laundering regulations

Iran Customs Administration has required all its offices to follow anti-money laundering regulations approved by the government last October.


FATF acknowledges Iran’s progress, gives its until October to approve other bills

The global standard-setting body has decided to extend Tehran’s time to approve and implement financial regulatory laws before it enters to audit the country.

Financial Markets

Parliament elects observer MPs in anti-money laundering council

The council will have three lawmakers supervising its functionality and will try to keep it within the realms of current rules and regulations. The move is significant as it demonstrates the government’s will to move in line with international norms.

Financial Markets

High-level European delegation to visit Iran to hammer out INSTEX

INSTEX, whose creation was announced on the last day of January, can function when there is a similar company in Iran that will be supervised by the Central Bank of Iran. Now, a high-level European delegation is set to travel to Iran to hold talks on details.


Tehran Stock Exchange soars 3% in only one session

Iran’s largest stock market, TSE, started the first day of the week with a big rally in one trading session. Export-based steel and mining companies’ shares were big gainers as forex markets registered rises.

Financial Markets

FATF extends Iran’s window, CBI welcomes move

Iran has been under pressure and scrutiny by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to pass the measures in a bid to allow the ease and smoother financial transactions with the world.