foreign investment

Bank Melli Iran to open accounts for foreign investors

The Central Bank of Iran on Sunday tasked the state-owned Bank Melli Iran to open accounts for foreign investors seeking residence permit.

Macro Economy

Iran’s residency-by-investment program to be launched soon

Iran’s deputy interior minister has announced that foreign investors in Iran will soon be able to receive the country’s 5-year residency.

Society Economy

German company to be launched soon in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province

German fruit and beverages company Dohler has invested up to 20m euros in the northwestern Iranian province to produce fruit concentrate to both meet the internal demand and export to neighbouring countries.

Mine and Industry

Iran to grant 5-year residency to foreign investors

The Iranian cabinet has approved a law that allows authorities to grant residency to investors of other nationalities who can invest up to 250,000 euros in the Iranian economy.

Macro Economy

Baghdad invites Iranian private sector to invest in infrastructure, industry

Head of the Iraqi government says there are good opportunities for Iranian private sector investors to develop infrastructure and industrial projects. The remark came on day one of Iranian president Rouhani visit to the neighbouring country.


Iran external debt down over 12% to $10.03bn

Although the figures show a downward move, experts believe it’s a not a good new per se as it could mean how small a country’s economy is or its inability to borrow from international lenders.

Macro Economy

Iran to launch international stock market

An advisor to the Iran president says the plan to launch an international stock market has already been okayed by the Central Bank and an exchange regulatory body.

Financial Markets

Iran looks to import medicine from Brazil, India

Tehran wants to offset possible shortages of certain medicine following the US sanctions by luring investment from Brazil and India.

Mine and Industry

Iran offers incentives to lure Indian pharmaceutical investment

Tehran is seeking to expand its economic ties with India after the latter invested in Iran strategic southern port of Chabahar. New Delhi has been offered to invest in Irans pharmaceutical production.

Mine and Industry

Why you should invest in Iran despite US sanctions

Iran is home to more than 80 million inhabitants, the majority of which are the young people. Considered a country as safe as the UK, Slovenia, Denmark and Switzerland, according to the Travel Risk Map 2019, Iran is not only a great place to visit but also offers a fertile ground for foreign investment. Huge mineral reserves, four different seasons, young and educated labour force are several of the appealing factors for foreign businesses. See for yourself why its still worth it investing in Iran.