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Iran Chamber Newsroom: Private Sector's Voice 

Established in 1884, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) is a non-profit and non-governmental institution which aims at facilitating economic growth and development in the country. Iran Chamber tries to further coordinate the activities of the private sector. As an economic forum, representatives from both the government and the private sector attend the chamber's sessions. Meanwhile the institution acts as an advisory body to the government, parliament and judiciary.

Iran Chamber Newsroom has been established to be the private sector’s voice. Apart from covering the chamber’s events, it will also publish articles by economists and businessmen. At this crucial time for the country’s economy, it’s also important to highlight the private sector’s opinion and expectations from Iran’s political leaders. To this end, Iran Chamber has launched an independent media that takes a deeper look at the economy and policy-makers' decisions. 

Iran Chamber Newsroom reflects the private sector's demands and seeks to be the primary source for other news outlets. On the one hand, the “Iran Chamber” section aims to showcase the ICCIMA’s events so the mass media can use. On the other, “Iran Economy” section produces economic content that will help shed light on private and public sector’s activities.

Iran Chamber Newsroom was born to be an influential news outlet and pave the way for the country’s development as the private sector increases its engagement in economic activities.


“Iran Chamber” subdivisions

  1. Specialised commissions
  2. Joint chambers of commerce
  3. Local chambers of commerce
  4. Associations


“Iran Economy” subdivisions

  1. Macro Economy
  2. Mine and Industry 
  3. Agriculture and Environment
  4. Commerce and Trade
  5. Money and Capital Markets
  6. Transportation and Services
  7. Energy
  8. Society Economy