Iran imports

Iran cuts sugar imports by 12% amid rise in domestic output

Iran cut sugar imports by 12% in the eight months to late November amid a major rise in domestic output, says an official in the country’s Government Trading Corporation (GTC).


Iran’s imports of essential goods up 63% YOY

Iran has imported some 18.8 million tons worth $11.5 billion worth of essential goods in a nearly seven month period (March 22 – November 1) which shows a 63% rise in value terms in comparison to the corresponding period of the preceding year, according to a report by Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).


Iran’s rice imports up by 33% in H1 fiscal year

Iranian customs administration (IRICA) figures show that rice imports into the country rose by nearly a third in volume terms in the six months to September 22 amid attempts by the government to control rising prices of the domestically grown rice.


Traders press for lifting of Iran’s ban on rice imports

Traders are urging the Iranian government to lift a seasonal ban on rice imports amid a reported shortage that has caused prices of the domestic rice crop to soar.


Iran extends import ban on home appliances until March 2022

The ban on the import of home appliances, first implemented around three years ago, has been extended and will remain valid at least until the end of the current Iranian year (March 2022), according to deputy minister of industries, mining and trade, Mehdi Sadeqi Niyaraki.


Iran plans to cut sugar imports with increased domestic output

An official at the Iranian agriculture ministry (MAJ) says domestic output of sugar would be enough to meet some 70% of the country’s demand for the produce in fiscal year to March 2020.


Iran’s imports from Iraq up 430% YOY

A recent report by Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) suggests that Iran’s imports from Iraq in the first five months of the current fiscal year (March 21 – August 22) have grown by 430% in value terms in comparison with the figures from last year’s corresponding period.


Intermediate goods account for lion’s share of Iran imports

From the total trade volume in the first two fiscal months (March 21-May 21) of fiscal 2021-22, 70.9% belonged to intermediate goods, 15.2% to consumer goods and 13.8% to capital goods, according to Director General of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran Hamid Zadboom.


Iran cuts $5.4bn worth of imports by boosting local manufacturing

Figures by Iran’s ministry of industries (MIMT) shows that a campaign to launch local manufacturing for imported goods and machinery helped cut the government’s imports bill by around $5.4 billion in the 18 months to late March.

Mine and Industry

Iran to increase cosmetics import duties in 2021

The government has envisioned a 15% rise in customs duties on the import of cosmetics as per the budget bill for the next fiscal year (March 2021-22).