Iran non-oil trade with Americas over $800m in 9 months

Brazil, the US, Canada and Uruguay are the four North and South American countries that have had major commercial dealings with Iran since 21 March, according to the latest data.

23 January 2019
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Iran traded 942,470 tons of non-oil commodities worth $827.36 million with states in the Americas during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (March 21-Dec. 21) to register a 10.41% growth in tonnage and 21.05% decline in value compared with last year’s corresponding period, Financial Tribune reports. 

Latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show Iran’s exports to the Americas totaled 75,842 tons worth $98.41 million during the period, indicating a 56.34% and 40.27% decline in tonnage and value respectively year-on-year. Imports stood at 866,627 tons worth $728.95 million, up 27.47% in tonnage and down 17.47% in value YOY.

The Americas are the landmasses of North America and South America, sometimes collectively considered a single continent. They make up most of the land in western hemisphere. There are 35 sovereign states in the Americas. 

Iran mainly exported floorings, semi-finished non-alloy iron/steel products, refined copper, carpet, pistachio and machinery to states in the Americas.

In exchange, major commodities imported into Iran from the Americas included frozen boneless cow parts, oilcake, field corn, cooking bananas, soybean, tractor parts and soybean oil.

In terms of total trade value, Brazil topped the list among the countries in the Americas with bilateral trade with Iran standing at 467,207 tons worth $373.14 million, up by 145.17% in tonnage and down 18% in value YOY. 

Brazil was Iran’s 26th major trading partner in the world during the nine months.

The US was Iran’s second biggest trading partner among nations in the Americas during the nine months as two-way commercial exchanges stood at 63,804 tons worth $150.28 million to register a 114.78% increase in tonnage and 30.82% decrease in value YOY. Iran’s exports to the US included floorings, carpets, saffron and confectionery.

This is while Canada was Iran’s second export destination, after the US, in the Americas as Iran exported 31,898 tons worth $27.82 million to Canada during the nine-month period, up by 344.89% in tonnage and 23.43% in tonnage and value respectively YOY. Iran mainly exported processed copper, floorings, pistachios, dates and semi-milled rice to Canada.

Mutual trade between Iran and Uruguay amounted to 249,169 tons worth $107.87 million, indicating a 5.79% decline in tonnage and 6.31% increase in value YOY. Uruguay was Iran’s third major trading partner in the Americas and 46th in the world. 

Floorings and Kilim were Iran’s main goods exported to Uruguay, while Uruguay exported mainly oilcake and butter to Iran.

Trade with Bolivia (at $2.36 million), Guatemala ($246,650) and Uruguay ($107.87 million) saw the highest YOY growths of 593.84%, 71.86% and 6.31% respectively, while trade with Panama (at $6,250), Costa Rica (at $76,884) and Mexico (at $4.77 million) witnessed the lowest declines of 99.16%, 88.80% and 85.66% respectively.



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