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Iran-US trade volume doubles in Q1 2024

The official data of the United States show that the country’s trade with the Islamic Republic of Iran has more than doubled in the first quarter of this year.


Iran-US trade at $10 million in January 2024

The US Bureau of Statistics in its latest report pointed to a 240% growth in the trade exchanges between Iran and the United States in January 2024.


Iran-US trade exceeds $50 million in 11 months

The value of trade between Iran and the U.S. stood at $50.5 million in the first 11 months of 2023, registering a 12 percent rise compared to the previous year’s same period, Tasnim news agency reported citing the latest statistics released by the American Statistical Association (ASA).


Qatar adheres banking commitments to Iran: Central Bank governor

Governor of Qatar Central Bank Sheikh Bandar bin Mohammed bin Saoud Al-Thani has voiced his country’s adherence to banking commitments to Iran.

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Iran rejects lack of access to unfrozen funds in Qatar

Iran has rejected a report that says the country had been barred from accessing its $6 billion funds recently unfrozen and transferred to Qatari banks.

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Iran receives $43 mln in damages from US government

Iran says it has received $43 million in damages from the United States under Case No. A15 of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal.

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Iranian unfrozen funds wired to Qatari banks: Reuters

Iran and the United States have been informed that $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds were transferred to accounts in Qatar, Reuters said on Monday citing an informed source said.

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Iran-US trade exchanges hit $31 million in January-July

Iran and the United States have exchanged more than $31 million worth of non-oil commodities in the first seven months of 2023, according to a report by the US Bureau of Statistics cited by Tasnim news agency.


Frozen Iranian assets transferred to Swiss central bank - Reuters

Iranian assets that had been frozen in South Korea were transferred to Switzerland’s central bank last week for exchange and transfer to Iran, according to a Monday report by Reuters which cited South Korean media.

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Report reveals more details of unblocking Iranian funds in South Korea

The process to unblock Iran’s funds in South Korea that have started under an emerging prisoner swap deal between Iran and the US would take at least four weeks, according to a report published by a local Iranian news agency.

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