Iran non-oil exports to regional countries show double-digit rise in 10 months

The increases are a clear sign that Iran is looking more to strengthen its economic relations with its neighbours, especially with those it shares borders, in the wake of intensified unilateral US sanctions.

17 February 2019
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Iran’s non-oil exports to Iraq and Turkey saw a two-digit rise both in value and tonnage during the last 10 months (20 March, 2018-20 January 2019), in comparison to the same period last year, latest data show.

Exports of non-oil commodities to Iraq, the second top importer of Iranian goods after China, increased 53.2% in tonnage and 44.75% in value, recent figures released on Saturday by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) show.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), steel and iron products, vegetables such as tomato, potato and various kinds of lettuce are the main Iranian exported items to Iraq’s nearly 40-million-strong market.

Turkey, the fifth destination of Iranian exports during the last 10 months, also registered a 54.58% rise in tonnage and 21.33% hike in value of its imports from Iran, according to the latest figures.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), raw minerals, various kinds of stones, steel and aluminium products are Iran’s most exported stuff to its neighbour Turkey.

China is occupying the first place among Iran top five export destinations with a rise of more than five percent in the value. Iranian exports to China during the last 10 months were worth more than 7,5 billion dollars.

In total, Iran exported more than 36 billion dollars worth of non-oil goods that reflects a 2.21% rise during the last 10 months compared to the same period last year.

Other regional countries

The latest statistics by Iran’s Customs Administration ranks Afghanistan the fourth top importer of Iranian non-oil goods that rose 12.24% in value.

Iranian non-oil exports to Pakistan, the eighth country on the list, were worth a little bit over a billion dollars, showing an increase of more than 41% in value since April 2018.

Iran’s exports to its north-western neighbour Azerbaijan also rose 36.63% in value. There’s been an increase of more than 42% in exports to Armenia as well.

The figures also show an 8.5% rise in non-oil exports to Russia during the past 10 months.

However, exports to Turkmenistan declined 6.83% in value and 24.28% in tonnage.

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