UK, Norway vow expansion of Iran trade

British and Norwegian top diplomats have assured their Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif that London and Oslo will try to maintain and even expand their business cooperation with Tehran despite the re-imposition of US sanctions on the country.


US launched psychological warfare against Iran: Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the U.S. been seeking to delegitimize the Islamic Republic system and has started its project through a “psychological warfare”.


UK trying to maintain trade, banking ties with Iran

Britain is reportedly trying to maintain trade with Iran in face of returning US sanctions and is even seeking tips from Japan on how to dodge US bans without being implicated.


Paris, Berlin seek financing system to avoid US sanctions

France and Germany are seeking to develop an independent European financing mechanism with the aim of sidestepping US sanctions against countries, including Iran, and asserting the continent’s “sovereignty.”


Iran goes to international court over US sanctions

The International Court of Justice has begun hearing a lawsuit brought by Iran against new US sanctions ordered by the Trump administration.


EU adopts €8 million support package for Iran private sector

The European Commission has adopted a first package of €18 million for projects in support of sustainable economic and social development in the Islamic Republic of Iran, including €8 million assistance to the private sector.


Germany: US can’t tell us with whom to do business

Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier says the United States is in no position to tell Berlin with which countries it can do business, vowing support for companies doing business with Iran.


China defends lawful business ties with Tehran

China, Iran’s top oil customer, says commercial cooperation between the two sides does not harm other countries interests and thus should be protected from unilateral US sanctions.


US addicted to sanctions, but Iran can weather them: Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States is addicted to sanctions, but the Iranians can pass through the current "critical" stage with national unity.

Iran Chamber

From EU we expect action, more than words: Zarif

Iran FM Zarif says the country needs to see the measures in place on the ground, not simply in writing, not simply in words