Europe to continue work on SPV in 2019: Mogherini

It was supposed to be put into place by the end of 2018, however it did not come through. Now, the head of the continent foreign policy is promising to keep working on that this year.


With financial channels stifled, Iranian citizens pay sanctions price

The US unilaterally walked out of the Iran nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions that target the oil and banking sectors. Washington says humanitarian goods, such as food, are exempt from the measures. But, the situation on the ground shows the otherwise. Ordinary Iranians are being affected the most.


Iran considers options other than SPV: FM spox

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghassemi said although we still hope that Europe will fulfill its obligations under JCPOA, Iran pursues different options with other countries like Russia, China, India and Turkey.


‘Swiss payment channel with Iran could be in place by mid-January’

European countries have been trying to create a legal financial mechanism to keep up trade with Iran after Donald Trump Administration withdrew the US from the 2015 nuclear deal in May.


Foreign companies eye Iran crude on Energy Exchange

After Washington unilaterally walked away from the 2015 nuclear deal signed with Iran, Europe, Russia and China, Tehran moved to cushion the consequences of renewed economic sanctions on its vital oil sector.


Global traders halt new Iran food deals following US sanctions

Although the US Treasury says humanitarian goods like food and medicne have been exempted from the renewed economic sanctions on Iran, a Reuters study has found out that blocked banking channels have stopped imported food supply into the country.


Iran private sector urges Tehran-Ankara barter trade

Iran Chamber of Commerce President has urged Tehran and Ankara to set up barter trade to further expand bilateral economic relations.


Iran-EU trade rises by more than 6% to hit €16.5bn in Jan-Oct 2018

Figures released by the European Union statistical office show the trade volume between Iran and the 28 European states rose 6.66% before Donald Trump withdrew the US from the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions on the country.


Iran carries out first overhaul of its new Airbus A321

After Donald Trump withdrew the US from the JCPOA, Washington reimposed sanctions on Iran’s economy, oil and banking sectors. As a result, the country’s flag-carrier airliner Iran Air has been forced to overhaul itself one of its Airbus planes.


EU-Iran trade vehicle could be ready by year-end: Mogherini

Rushing to keep its end of the bargain by the years end, the European Union says its getting closer to putting in place a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to make sure Iran keeps benefiting from the nuclear deal, signed in 2015 but ditched by the US unilaterally this May.