Iran private sector welcomes INSTEX, vows to make it ‘big success’

INSTEX (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchange) is the new denomination of Europe’s special purpose vehicle (SPV) that’s been designed to include trade of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and agri-foods between three European countries and Iran in the face of unilateral US sanctions.

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INSTEX preserves Europe’s economic sovereignty: Austria envoy

The European Union has set up and registered a special purpose vehicle to do "legitimate business" with Iran in the face of unilateral US sanctions. A top European diplomat believes such a payment channel will also benefit the Union’s 28 member states as well as Iran.

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Austria calls for ’fast’ actions to make INSTEX operational

Austrian Ambassador to Iran, Stefan Scholz, calls the establishment of INSTEX (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchange) a "huge success", saying the new European financial mechanism has helped Iranian currency rial recover after recent falls in value following US unilateral sanctions.


Austrian companies ready to trade with Iran within INSTEX: envoy

After the nuclear deal was signed and ratified in 2015, many European businesses jumped to seize the opportunity to engage in commercial activities with Iran. But, restored US sanctions torpedoed their cooperation. Now, with European financial channel in place, they are eager to resume trade.


Europe registers INSTEX, Iran welcomes move

The long-awaited special purpose vehicle to facilitate Iran-EU trade in the face of renewed US sanctions has officially been put in place in France. It’s waiting for a similar Iranian entity and several other factors to become operational.

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Europe sets up Iran financial mechanism, calls it INSTEX

Germany, France and Britain say they’ve established and registered a commercial trade mechanism with Iran, called Instrument In Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX), that will bypass the unilateral US sanctions.

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