Denmark considering joining INSTEX

The Scandinavian nation wants to be included in the European payment channel with Iran in a bid not to lose the Iranian market in the wake of US unilateral sanctions.

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Trading house: Russian, Ukrainian INSTEX for trade with Iran

Ukrainian and Russian officials have separately called for the establishment of a trading house between their respective countries and Iran. A trading house could have various purposes but what Ukraine is proposing is much like Europe’s INSTEX to facilitate bilateral trade in the wake of US sanctions.

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Russia wants in on INSTEX

Kremlin has thrown its weight behind the EU’s efforts to boost trade with Iran in the wake of US sanctions. Brussels says it will bring the mechanism online before other members can join it.

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60 German companies still in Iran despite US sanctions: German industry delegate in Iran

Iran-German trade ties have seen recent downs due to the US sanctions but those measures haven’t stopped dozens of such companies to leave Iran altogehter.


INSTEX shareholders considering dealing with Iran oil: Mogherini

The European trade channel with Iran is reaching its final stages as it’s processing several transactions and some European countries are thinking about buying Iranian oil to inject the revenues into the mechanism.

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INSTEX lacks what Iran wants but should be used anyway: Iran-Spain Chamber Pres.

President of Iran-Spain Joint Chamber of Commerce Mohammad Taheri says INSTEX doesn’t include what Iran wants from Europe, that is purchase of Iranian crude, but it should be activated anyway.


EU considering buying Iran oil through INSTEX to keep Tehran in nuclear deal

The EU’s plan to continue trading with Iran in defiance of US sanctions has, so far, come up short. Tehran wants oil included in the new barter system, INSTEX. Despite US threats, Brussels appears to be listening.

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Europeans have failed to fully implement INSTEX: Foreign Ministry Spox

Emmanuel Bonne, the senior diplomatic aide to French President Emmanuel Macron is expected in Tehran later on Wednesday in a bid to talk about exit ways of the current nuclear dilemma. He many also talk about Europeans efforts to get INSTEX operational.

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Finland mulls joining INSTEX

The Scandinavian country says it’s considering options to be one of the European countries that use the payment channel to continue trade with Iran.

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INSTEX operational, needs oil sales revenues as capital: Iran

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi says the European financial mechanism has political value but that it needs to meet Iran’s needs to be a fruitful solution.

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