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Iran opens new steel mill to up annual output by 250k tons

The new company, located in the west of Iran, is supposed to add to the country’s annual steel production, as well as export the crude product to the neighbouring countries of Iraq and Syria.

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Iran Q3 steel output rises over 7%: Worldsteel

Iran is now placed between Italy and Taiwan with 6.22 million tons of production. The country plans to increase the output to 55 million tons by 2025.

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Iran crude steel output jumps over 17%: worldsteel

Iran plans to increase the output to 55 million tons by 2025. The country was the world’s second or third biggest steel importer with 11 million tonnes a year, but the rise means it’s now exporting its crude steel to other countries, especially Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Iran steel industry takes off despite US sanctions

Iran is capable of producing 25 million tonnes of steel in the current fiscal year which ends on March 21, 2019 but foreign sanctions and duties are a big hurdle, the head of the Iranian Steel Producers Association says.

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Iran ranks 14th in world steel production: World Steel Association

A new report released by the World Steel Association (WSA) shows that Iran has ranked 14th in the world in crude steel production in the first six months of 2017.

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Iran eyes 15m tons of steel export per year

Irans Industries, Mining and Trade Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said the government is targeting 15 million tons/year of steel exports during the sixth five-year development plan (ending March 2022), the Iranian Steel Producers Association announced.


Iran rejects Europe’s steel dumping charges

Iran has brushed aside European charges of possible dumping after Europe’s steel lobby group Eurofer characterized Iranian steel exports as a threat.

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Iran crude steel output hits 10.8%

Iranian steel mills produced 17.89 million tons of crude steel in 2016, registering 10.8% growth compared to the year before.

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Iran ranks 13th on list of global steel producers

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has announced that Iran’s surge in production has pushed the country up on the list of global steel producers.

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