Iran hits trade surplus of $738m

A latest report by Iran’s Customs Administration shows how a drop in imports helped increase the country’s trade surplus in a 9-month period (April-December).

31 December 2018
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Iran’s non-oil exports rose 5.4% in the first nine months of the current Persian fiscal year (April-Decembre) while imports went down nearly 16%, according to the latest figures published by the country’ Customs.

The data show Iran exported more than 86 million tons of non-oil material worth 33.358 billion dollars during the past nine months.

During the same period, the country imported more than 23 million tons of goods worth 32.620 billion dollars, resulting in a surplus of 738 million dollars.

Natural gas condensate tops the list of Iranian exports worth 2.776 billion dollars followed by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or propane, methanol and other oil products. Petrochemical products made up some 35% of all the Iranian products since April 2018.  

Iraq sits at the top of all Iranian goods worth 6.929 billion dollars, that is 20.77%. China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Afghanistan and Turkey are other major destinations of Iran exports, based on the latest report.  

The Customs Administration’s (IRICA) report highlights a 15.9% drop in the imported goods. Iran imported more than one billion dollar worth of corn used in animal feed that is 4.53% of all imported products. Auto parts, rice, soybean and carbon electrodes are the other main imports during the past nine months. China is Iran’s preferred vendor exporting more than 8 billion dollars of goods to the country. The UAE, South Korea, Germany and Switzerland rank among the first fifth top exporter to Iran since April. 



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