Turkey buys over $400m worth of Iranian minerals to become top importer

Stones, clay, bricks, tiles and carbon are the most favoured raw materials that Ankara bought from Iran during the April-November period.

14 January 2019
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Iran exported over 440,000 tons of minerals and other raw materials to Turkey worth 440 million dollars during the eighth-month-period of April-November 2018.

“441.311 tons of minerals and other raw materials worth more than 404.609 million dollars were exported to Turkey,” reads a statement issued by the Customs Administration (IRICA). The figures also demonstrate that the two countries’ bilateral trade stood at 8.2 billion dollars during the last 10 months of 2018.

Turkey imported stone and its by-products, ferrosilicon, clay, brick, tiles, carbon and other materials to be the first destination of Iran minerals.

In the meantime, the Iranian imports of minerals from Turkey made up 12% of the trade volume.

Iran and Turkey are seeking to augment their trade volume to up to 30 billion dollars as the two countries have intensified their bilateral political and commercial relations. 

Tehran has promised it will rush to finish work at passenger and cargo terminals at its Razi-Kapikoy border that connects the two countries via road and railways. 



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