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Iran private sector says is ‘ready’ for joint ventures in Syria

Tehran is offering the Damascus government its high expertise and modern industries aiming at aiding the Arab country in post-war era.

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Iran private sector eyes $3b in annual trade with Syria

Iran’s private sector businesses can export foodstuffs and construction materials to Syria as well as offer technical services in rebuilding the war-torn country, Iran Chamber of Commerce president says.

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Iran businesses eye major trade boost in Syria visit

More than a dozen business owners are looking to increase their ties with Syrian companies at a time when Damascus is eager to reconstruct, showing "open doors" for Iranian investment.

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Iran, Syria to launch joint economic committee “in weeks”

The joint economic committee wil lay the groundwork for a future joint Chamber of Commerce between Iran and Syria.


Rail connection with Iraq, Iran priority: Damascus

As Syrians look to rebuild war-torn country, Terhan is rushing to aid the governemnt of President Bashar al-Assad. Transiting goods via Iraq is of utmost importance to bring down the costs and cut short the distance.


Iran eyes cutting Syria trade route short through Iraq

Iranian exports to Syria are carried out either through Turkey or via Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf which incur high costs to businessmen and delay their arrivals on time for the Syrian consumer.


Iran private sector gauges damaged Syria infrastructure investment

Days after Syrian Economy and Foreign Trade Minister, Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, held high-level talks with Iranian public and private sectors to boost Tehran investment in post-war country, an Iranian private sector delegation is in Syria to evaluate business.



Syrian minister calls on Iranian firms to invest in rebuilding country

Economy and Foreign Trade Minister of Syria, Mohammed Samer al-Khalil, says there are huge opportunities for Iranian companies to rebuild the war-torn country. Damascus priority is to reconstruct the destroyed infrastructure.


Syria Economy Minister visits Iran Chamber of Commerce

Mohammad Samer al-Khalil visited the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) on Sunday in a bid to ask Iranian companies to take active part in the country reconstruction after seven years of devastating war.

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Syria economy minister says “doors open” to Iranian firms

With government forces taking back large swathes of Syria from terrorists, Iran, that shore up the government in Damascus during the seven years of war, is keen to enter the country’s multibillion-dollar reconstruction market.

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