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Iran private sectors urges road transport facilities for Syria trade

Iran’s private sector has called for opening of road transit between Iran and Syria in a bid to further facilitate bilateral trade as Damascus looks for foreign investors and economic operators.


Syria’s priority is Iranian investment: Official

Iran is also trying to be the main partner in Syria’s reconstruction era. The two countries are planning to set up three joint factories on baby formula, anti-cancer pharmaceuticals and car production.


Syria, Iran to set up joint factories in coming days

Iran and Syria are set to establish three joint factories that will supply the country with vital staples such as anti-cancer medicine, baby formula and cars.


Iran, self-sufficient in power plant construction: MAPNA Group

The announcement comes after the giant heavy energy infrastructure said it had designed, developed, produced and supplied from A-Z all components of a very vital gas turbine, called MGT-40.


Iran opens new steel mill to up annual output by 250k tons

The new company, located in the west of Iran, is supposed to add to the country’s annual steel production, as well as export the crude product to the neighbouring countries of Iraq and Syria.

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Groundwork laid for boosting economic ties with Syria: Iran pres. advisor

Hasan Danaifar, an economic advisro to the Iranian president and head of the Committee for Developing Economic Relations between Iran, Iraq and Syria says there are necessary frameworks to strengthen the trade relations between Tehran and Damascus.


Iran in talks to lease Syrian Mediterranean port: Senior official

Danaifar, a senior economic advisor to the Iranian president as well as secretary of the committee to develop Iran’s economic ties with Iraq and Syria says the negotiations are underway to secure Tehran’s access to the Mediterranean Sea.


‘There is big chance for economic cooperation between Syria, Iran’

President of Damascus Chamber of Industry (DCI) Samer al-Debs believes sanctions that have been imposed on both Iran and Syria are good opportunities for both countries to work more closely than before.


Syria in urgent need of raw materials: Damascus Chamber of Industry

The Arab country eyes shedding the dust and rebuilding itself after eight years of a devastating war that has left it in ruins. Iranian raw materials are the most-need items that Damascus needs in reconstruction era.

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Iraq, Iran, Syria to accelerate preparation for transnational railway

Iran seeks to connect its Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea through road and rail links that go through Iraq. The groundwork has been laid for the construction as Tehran has signed several agreements with Damascus and Baghdad.