Iran oil sales

Iran can secure Indian energy demands to preserve its national interests: Ambassador

The Iranian envoy to India Ali Chegeni said India and Iran are long-time friends and that it’s in New Delhi’s interests to buy Iranian oil.


2mb of light crude to go on sale on IRENEX on Tuesday

This is the 12th offer of two million barrels of oil on the Energy Exchange since such sales started in November 2018.


Iranian tanker unloads second crude cargo in China after sanctions waivers end: Report

Data by the French company Kpler show that the oil has been delivered at one of the Sinopec’s refineries. It would be the second oil shipment from Iran to China following the end of US sanctions waivers on 2 May.


Iran skips OPEC production cut extension deal

The Iranian oil minister says the extension doesn’t involve Iran as the country is already suffering the consequences of US unilateral sanctioned reimposed last year.


Iran praises INSTEX ‘strategic value’, says it needs Tehran oil revenues

The Iranian foreign minister says the European payment mechanism isn’t enough but that it’s strategic. Also, the Iranian oil minister says the channel needs Iranian crude money as capital.

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Iran says OPEC unity necessary for cooperation with non-OPEC producers

The Iranian petroleum minister has called on the OPEC members to unite as the oil producing states and others are set to agree on production cut extension in Vienna meeting on Monday.


Iran delivers first Chinese oil cargo since May: Report

Data from oil tankers show that an Iranian oil carrier has berthed at a Chinese port to be the first confirmed delivery of Iranian crude purchase after 2 May when the US didn’t extend oil sanctions waivers for clients of Iranian energy.


Russia to lend Iran a hand for exporting oil: Report

Russia says it is willing to step in to help Iran export its oil while the country is struggling to keep the oil flowing while pressured by sanctions levied by the United States.


Iran has wished that Japan keep buying Iranian oil: Japanese PM spokesman

Takeshi Osuga who is the spokesman for the Japanese delegation, headed by PM Shinzo Abe, to Iran has avoided at all costs to confirm whether Iranian president and Abe talked about Iran crude sales to the country. He says it was only raised by President Rouhani as a "wishful statement".


Iran sells 1,085,000 barrels of oil on IRENEX since last November

Light and heavy crude have been the only oil Iran has been able to sell on the exchange market since last November.