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Iraq snubs US push to cut off Iran energy imports

US President Donald Trumps Administration is pressuring other countries to stop purchasing energy from Iran in a bid to tighten the noose against Tehran. However, Baghdad says it can not and will not comply with punitive measures imposed by Washington.


Iran, Iraq open non-dollar payment channel in defiance of US sanctions

Tehran’s initiatives to avoid using US dollar in its interantioanl trade can consolidate warmer political and economic relations with its neighbours and regional countries. Such mecahnisms as well as Europe’s INSTEX could finally help it alleviate problems caused by punitive US measures.


Rail connection with Iraq, Iran priority: Damascus

As Syrians look to rebuild war-torn country, Terhan is rushing to aid the governemnt of President Bashar al-Assad. Transiting goods via Iraq is of utmost importance to bring down the costs and cut short the distance.


Iran’s Arvand Free Zone to launch cruise ship voyages

Tehran is seeking to boost its coastal and maritime tourism in the area that shares a natural border with the neighbouring Arab countries of Iraq and Kuwait.


Iran private sector urges joint investment, more banking relations to boost Iraq trade

The entity that represents Iran private sector proposes joint investment projects in Iraq and opening branches of Iranian banks across the Arab country as well as border areas to facilitate trade between the two nations.


Iran says FTA with Iraqi Kurdistan can expand economic ties

Sulaymaniyah was the second city in the Iraqi Kurdistan region after the capital Erbil where Iranian political and business authorities took part in a joint business forum aimed at augmenting bilateral trade.


Iranian FM ‘maneuvers’ in Iraq as Tehran rushes to counter US sanctions

Zarifs tour of five Iraqi cities and his numerous meetings with a wide range of Iraqi authorities practically overshadows US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeos flash visit to Irans neighbour.


Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan to launch joint production to export to regional countries

Iranian and Irqi Kurds officials call themselves "brothers" and that comes from Iran’s consistent backing of the Iraqi Kurds in repelling IS terrorists as well as Tehran’s support during the US 2003 invasion of Iraq. Erbil and Tehran are now consolidating their trade ties.


Iraqi government urges Iranian private firms to rebuild country

Iran is a top exporter of goods to Iraq and is eager to increase its investment in reconstructing its Arab neighbour. A government official says doors are open for Iranian companies.


Iran ready to end visas, lower tariffs with Iraq: Zarif

Iranian FM Zarif is in Iraq to cement political and economic relationships with the Arab neighbour. His visit follows a short visit by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, aimed at urging Baghdad to stop engaging with Iran.