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US renews sanctions waiver for Iraq to import Iranian energy

The United States has allowed Iraq to continue to import gas and electricity from Iran until the start of December as part of Washington’s temporary waivers from sanctions imposed on Iran since 2018.


Iran exports $2.8bn worth of goods to Iraq in four months

Iran’s exports to Iraq in the first four months of the current fiscal year (March 21-July 22) stood at $2.8 billion, Hamid Hosseini, member of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors, told Fars News Agency.


It is time for Iran’s export jump to Iraqi market: Businessman

Head of the chamber of commerce of western Iranian province of Kermanshah Keyvan Kashefi has underlined the need for Iran’s further presence in the Iraqi market.


Iran sees Iraqi market as chance for Arvand Free Zone’s development

Acting CEO of Arvand Free Zone organization Hossein Garousi said on Monday that the market of Iraq, as Iran’s biggest economic partner, is regarded as a chance for economic development and investment in this free zone in southwestern Iran.

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Some 8% of Iran’s exports to Iraqi Kurdistan reroutes to Syria: Businessman

A significant part of Iran’s exports shipments sent to neighboring Iraq ends up in Syria, says Keyvan Kashefi, who chairs the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce.

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Iraq to release $125m of frozen funds to Iran for vaccine purchase

The Iraqi government will free $125 million in debt to Iran to pay for Iran’s Covid-19 vaccine order, Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said.

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Iraq, top destination for Iranian goods among neighbors

Figures by the Iranian customs office (IRICA) show that Iraq has been the country’s top export destination in the calendar year to late March.


Iran extends border closure with Iraq for passengers

Iran-Iraq border points will be closed for passengers until April 4, Hossein Qasemi, director-general of border affairs of Iranian Interior Ministry, told IRNA news agency.

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US gives green light for frozen Iranian funds to flow from Iraq

Iran has received some payments from its funds frozen by Iraqi banks, including the state-owned Trade Bank of Iraq, after agreement by Washington, Secretary General of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce said.

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Iran closes border with Iraq for passengers amid virus surge

Iran has imposed a ban on passenger travel through five of its border crossings into neighboring Iraq amid heightened fears about the spread of a mutated variant of coronavirus.

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