Iran Russia

Russia’s trade with Iran up 70%

Russia says its trade with Iran has increased by 70.9 percent after the sanctions against the Islamic Republic were removed earlier this year.


International North–South Transport Corridor alternative to Suez Canal

Transport costs through the International North–South Transport Corridor would be reduced by $2,500 per 15 tonnes of cargo. The new rout also shortens the distance between Mumbai and St. Petersburg from 40 to 14 days.


Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan vow to create NSTC

Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan have vowed to work together to prepare the grounds for the construction of a North-South Transit Corridor (NSTC) which is expected to provide a faster and more efficient trade connectivity between Europe and South East Asia.

Macro Economy

Putin renews vow to give Iran $2.5bn of loans

Russia says it is still committed to a pledge it has already made to grant two loans worth $2.5 billion to Iran.

Macro Economy

Russia, Iran to sign 70-project deal

Russia and Iran are to sign cooperation deal on more than 70 industrial projects.


Iran wants customs hurdles with Russia lifted

Iran has called for joint efforts with Russia to remove the “customs hurdles” which it says are obstructing the expansion of trade between the two countries.