North–South Transport Corridor

First North-South Corridor freight transit under TIR processed through Iran

A senior Iranian customs official says a first ever cargo passing through the so-called North-South Corridor under an internationally guaranteed system of freight transit has been successfully accomplished.


Iran to boost transit capacity via International North-South Transport Corridor

Iran is planning to boost transit of goods through strengthening coordination between its flagship cargo shipping line and its state-owned railway system.


Long-time political allies, Iran and Russia move to consolidate economic ties

Iran and Russia have long been allies during their long histories but their bilateral trade volume doesn’t speak much for their political proximity. Now, with the US pressures and Europe’s inactivity, Tehran is looking East to revive old regional allies.


Qazvin-Rasht railway: penultimate missing link on INSTC opened

The 164-kilometer-long rail road has finally connected Qazvin to the northern city of Rasht, very close to Azerbaijan. The only missing link is a rail project that will link Rasht to the border town of Astara in a bid to make Iran a hinge between Central Asia, Europe and South East Asia.


First Afghan cargo convoy, destined for India, arrives at Chabahar Port

Chabahar Port in Iran’s south-eastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province, is a regional transport hub. It’s the first time that an Afghan cargo consignment is sent to India via Chabahar Port bypassing Pakistan.


Iran, India, Afghanistan to celebrate Chabahar Day on 26 February

The port is Iran’s only exit way to international waters passing through the Sea of Oman. New Delhi has rapidly been developing the strategic port in a bid to export its commodities to Afghanistan bypassing Pakistan.


India, Russia agree to fast-track goods transit via Iran

India is eyeing a bigger role in Eurasia and Afghanistan and is looking at Iran to further increase its influence. Iran is the main route of the Interantional North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) that can help New Delhi achieve its goal.


Germany to join North-South Transport Corridor

New indications show the world’s biggest exporter may join an ambitious project to develop a new multimodal transit corridor that connects northern Europe to India. The purpose: getting connected to Iran.


International North–South Transport Corridor alternative to Suez Canal

Transport costs through the International North–South Transport Corridor would be reduced by $2,500 per 15 tonnes of cargo. The new rout also shortens the distance between Mumbai and St. Petersburg from 40 to 14 days.