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Afghanistan calls on Iranian firms to develop its mines

Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade Minister Reza Mohtashami-Pour, who has traveled to Afghanistan for a two-day visit, said Afghan officials have called on Iranian mining companies to develop the country’s mines.

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Iran reopens Dogharoun border crossing with Afghanistan

Dogharoun border crossing, which is the main Iranian gateway to Afghanistan, reopened on Sunday less than 24 hours after it was temporarily shut down by the Iranian side, according to a provincial Road Maintenance and Transportation official.


Iran temporarily closes main border crossing with Afghanistan

Iran has temporarily closed its main border crossing with Afghanistan over what authorities described as Afghanistan’s uncoordinated move to build a road along the frontier.


Iran’s exports to Afghanistan decline following political changes in Kabul

Government change in Afghanistan and decreased purchasing power of the Afghan people have led to a fall in Iran’s exports to the neighboring country, according to Ruhollah Latifi, the spokesman of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).


Iran to mine iron ore in Afghanistan

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade has said that Iran will cooperate with Afghanistan to mine iron ore in the country.

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Iran private sector unhappy with annual trade with Afghanistan

Hossein Salimi, the Chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce, on Friday put Iran’s annual trade with Afghanistan at $2.1 billion which he said failed to materialize the $2.7 billion projected for the current Iranian year due to come to an end within the next few days.


Iran in fresh talks with Afghanistan for completion of Khaf-Herat railway

After the establishment of a new government in Kabul, Iran has renewed talks with Afghan officials to complete the development project of Khaf-Herat railway, according to a senior Iranian transportation official.


Iran private sector upbeat about future of trade with Afghanistan

Chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce Hossein Salimi expressed hope about the future of trade relations with Afghanistan as government has been formed in the country.


Iran begins local negotiations for overseas mining in Afghanistan

Iranian local chamber of Sistan-Baluchestan has begun negotiations with Afghan officials for investment in the mining sector of the neighboring country, according to the vice-chairman of the Mines and Mining Industries Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce.

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Iran exports 110 MW of power to Afghanistan

A senior advisor to Iran’s energy minister said that the country was exporting 110 megawatts of electricity to Afghanistan, with the maximum export capacity being 175 megawatts.